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Jansen Telescope
Design Event
Jansen Telescope
Design Event

Find out more about Jansen: The second digital event in our interactive Jansen Event Series will take place on 14 June 2022 from 16:00 p.m. Over the course of around two hours, you will get to know the innovative steel system solutions that allow for maximum creative freedom and filigree constructions. Enhance your expertise with inspiring object presentations and take advantage of networking opportunities.

After an introductory talk from Christian Bartholet (CSO, Jansen) and Stefan Röthlin (CTO, Jansen), there will be presentations on the Jansen steel systems. Then there will be a series of project presentations, in which you will find out about innovative uses of our products in line with the most exacting aesthetic standards, whether at the Winery Wagram (AT) and St. Bavo’s Cathedral (BE) or in the Werk 12 (DE) and the Jansen Campus (CH). The architects and metalworkers responsible for these projects will take you on a virtual tour of the properties.

Prof. Dr Ulrich Knaack from TU Darmstadt / TU Delft will talk with Ron Jacobs about design and façade technology in research and in relation to industry.

There’s a lot to look forward to!

Finally, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers and network with your colleagues from the industry.

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The registration deadline is 13/06/2022.

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Location: virtual event

Guest speaker

Prof. Dr Ulrich Knaack

You will have the opportunity to experience the following object presentations:

Winery Wagram (AT)

St. Bavo’s Cathedral (BE)

Werk 12 (DE)

Jansen Campus (CH)

Jansen hosts

Ilka Mellert,

Christian Bartholet,
CSO Jansen AG

Christoph Jansen,
CEO Jansen AG

Stefan Röthlin,
CTO Jansen AG

Michaela Hanesch,
Marketing Manager Jansen AG

Ron Jacobs,
Senior Marketing Manager Jansen AG

Urs Krucker,
Head of Marketing Jansen AG

Flavio Chistell,
Product Manager Jansen AG


Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Welcome


    Introduction with Christian Bartholet (CSO)

  • Interview on the topic of design


    With Christoph Jansen (CEO) and Stefan Röthlin (CTO)

    Hosted by Ilka Mellert

  • Product presentations


    Design with function and safety

    Design through materiality and aesthetic variety

    Design through filigree steel constructions and transparency

  • Project presentations of your choice during breakout sessions


    Focus on “Transparency” with the two project presentations Winery Wagram (AT) and St. Bavo’s Cathedral (BE)


    Focus on “Variety” with the two project presentations Werk 12 (DE) and Jansen Campus (CH)

  • Keynote on the topic design


    Prof. Dr Ulrich Knaack will talk about design with Ron Jacobs, Senior Marketing Manager Jansen AG.

  • Table Talks


    «Meet-the-Speaker» and «Meet Jansen»

  • End of event


    Thank you for your participation!

“What does ‘design’ mean to Jansen?”

Creative freedom, fliligree constructions and user-centred design

For Jansen, design means striking the balance between functionality and aesthetics. We combine well-engineered functionality with practical handling of the products in order to create an appealing visual effect. A building should offer residents and users the greatest possible comfort and protection, but should also fit well into its surroundings, illustrate a certain concept and be convincing in terms of form. As a versatile material for windows, doors and façades, steel is ideal. It is malleable and highly stable, timeless and elegant, durable and sustainable. It is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces and can be used in both new buildings and renovations.

Our virtual event location

ViCo is the name of the virtual conference tool with which we have created our virtual Jansen world. The tool is designed for large groups and offers presentation forums, marketplace stands, flexible networking and simple, personal support for participants during the event. It has also been designed with the specific requirements of the Swiss market and is a versatile tool that can be specially adapted – including for international events.

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